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How is the practice of pathology essential in medicine?

How is the practice of pathology essential in medicine?

The medical practice has treated pathology with a lot of awe. Its treatment is partly because of the place it holds in the diagnostic process and the manner in which it runs across the spectrum of the medical practice. The practice has been found to be essentially important because:

      Its fundamentality-the practice of Pathology is in essence based on clinical knowledge service that is fundamental to modern medical practice and health care. This is because; it plays a central role in the disease diagnosis and treatment.

      Its key in diagnosis-it is used in the diagnosis, treatment and management of almost all the cases of disease conditions within the medical practice.

      For consulting purposes-most clinical consultants are found to rely on the pathologist for their investigative opinions. It has been quite essential in helping them provide their patients with comprehensive reports and referrals.

      Disease preventive measures-because the practice of pathology mostly involves the use of the cell as an integral part of their investigation, their opinion is found to be of fundamental importance when it comes to the disease prevention measures. The use of pathology can help detect a pandemic before its effects are clearly seen within a population.

      Special studies and research-the pathologist report are usually found to be essentially important in the area of research especially those based on the tissue and cell structures. It has been reported in most of these studies that the use of the pathology methods was employed in the course of the research findings.

      As a general tool –the medical practice has generally adopted the use of pathology in the course of the detection of disease, prevention and even treatment. This has made the pathologist an integral part of any clinical practice. Pathologists are important in the human general practice where they are essential in preparing human cadavers for preservation.

Pathology is an essential part of the medical practice which has been in practice for decades. The pathology practice is also important for students of medicine because it gives them the cell background knowledge. It is therefore worth pursuing if one has the guts to do so.



What are the unique features of the emergency medical technician in Canada?

What are the unique features of the emergency medical technician in Canada?

The Canadian emergency medical practice is found to be one of the most unique in terms of the setting of the service. The emergency medical technician in Canada practices along certain set down procedures unique to only the Canadian provinces.

Canada is a country divided into several provinces and these provinces are found to accommodate different levels of emergency medical technician practices. The national Canadian practice is set on certain standard levels of practice based of several milestones based on the knowledge skills and the abilities of the several areas in the paramedics.

The Canadian emergency medical practice is regarded as one of the broadest in terms of the several skills the technician is required to have. The regulation of the emergency practice ant the national level is based on the several legally set rules within the practical confines of the practice. It is agreeable to be able to point out that the several set levels of practice within the Canadian practices make the emergency practice juicier.

The Canadian emergency medical technician is comprised of the following areas of practice; critical care paramedics who are expected to respond to emergencies channeled through the toll free line given by the government. Their major duty ids in the area of hospital transfers and are expected to work with the several diverse medical fields .Advanced care paramedics are concerned with the overall Areas of services within the Canadian areas.uit is found to be one of the most sought in terms of the level of care they give. They are also expected to liaise with the other diverse areas in the medical practice to be able to operate smoothly.

The Canadian emergency medical practice is in such away regarded very highly. With the changes in the economic situations and the advancements in science, the emergency medical practitioner is going to be very much in demand in Canada. There are so many avenues for the training of the emergency technicians set by the regulator in Canada. These are worth taking up given the professional nature of the Canadian practice.

What are the main diseases treated using ultrasound?

What are the main diseases treated using ultrasound?

The ultra sound has been used to treat several diseases. Some of the diseases are known for their unique nature in the medical circles. The major disease managed through ultrasound includes the following disease;

Parkinson’s disease-this is a disease which results from the death of nerve cells in the brain, is a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder that affects more than five million worldwide. It affects adults of all races, and the risk of developing the disease increases with age. The number of people affected by the disease e has been increasing every year globally.

Parkinson’s disease mostly affects the areas of the brain near the the substantia nigra in the brainstem this is where dopamine, a chemical involved in communication to the part of the brain that controls movement and coordination is produced. As the disease progresses, the amount of dopamine produced in the brain decreases, leaving the patient unable to control movement normally.

Angiographically indeterminate left main coronary artery disease-this is a disease which exhibits itself with the deterioration of the arteries leading into the heart. The arteries become weak and fail if the disease is not treated early.

Polycystic kidney disease- this is the main disease which causes many cysts to develop in the kidneys. The most common type is an inherited condition called autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. With this condition, the patient is found not to develop problems until the age of 30-50, with some people never developing any problems. Doctorate programs are also available in case you want to engage in your own research or want to teach the next generation of the ultrasound technicians.

The most common signs of this disease include;

  • The patient develops high blood pressure-this is because of the blockage of the cysts and the inability of the kidney to process the waste.
  • Kidney failure.-the most serious aspect of the disease which leads to operations and the use of dialysis eventually. It is no wonder that about half of people with the disease  develop kidney failure requiring dialysis and in some cases transplants.

These diseases and others are just a few which the ultrasound has helped in keeping well checked through appropriate diagnosis and treatment where possible.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Health Discount Card

There are a few things that you’ll want to strongly consider before you decide to make the jump to a Health Discount Card. Let’s take a look at a few of them here:


What You’re Using Them For


The first, and most important, thing that you’ll need to consider is what you plan on using your card for. Understand from the very beginning that a discount card is NOT insurance. It’s not something that is going to protect you should a major health issue present itself. Don’t make the mistake of counting on a card as something that can help you financially in the same way that insurance can.


The best use of a Health Discount Card is for people who are getting medicine on a regular basis and there doesn’t seem to be a time in the near future when you won’t be. In this case, having a discount card can mean a significant decrease in the amount that you have to pay.


Possibility of Changing Physicians


If you’re convinced that a card is right for you then you’ll need to consider whether the physician and/or pharmacy that you’re using is a participating member for your Health Discount Card. Not all physicians and pharmacies accept the use of discount cards, so do your homework and make sure they do before you make the plunge.


If you’re in need of changing physicians in order to use your Health Discount Card then I would suggest asking friends for references for physicians that do. Finding a new doctor that you trust can be incredibly difficult so asking friends is a great way to find a new one. If that doesn’t yield you any luck there are also many review sites online for local doctors.


Possibility of Changing Pharmacies


Changing pharmacies is much easier to do than changing physicians simply because there isn’t near as much emotional investment with pharmacies as there would be with a physician you’ve been working with for a few years. If you’ve been working with a smaller local pharmacy then the possibility is there that they won’t take your discount card. Many major retailers like Walmart and CVS, however, do accept them.


Ready to Train for an Ultramarathon?

Choosing to participate in your first race is often a big decision, even if it is a short distance local event. Your race bib holder may proudly frame that first race, and perhaps you have many more that you have ran since you were initially ‘smitten’ by a love of running.


At Running on the Wall, we are inspired as we see so many reaching out for greater challenges. As running experience grows, and physical conditioning reaches new heights – for some they opt to train for an ultramarathon. An ultramarathon is an event that exceeds the average 26 mile distance of most marathons, with distances anywhere from 30 miles to even over 150 miles. This distance is covered through running / walking and can sometimes be spanned out over several days. Many ultramarathons include the challenge of running on various types of terrain, from dry paved roads to dirt paths, or even mountain paths. Weather conditions can vary greatly as well during the course. Obviously, an ultramarathon is not for the ‘new to the sport’ runner. An ultramarathon is tough, challenging and potentially dangerous even for the best athletes.


In order to even consider running in an ultramarathon, you need to have time to dedicate to training for this type of event. It takes very specific body and mind conditioning to be able to complete this type of course without experiencing negative, possibly long term injury. If you are considering training for an ultramarathon, it would be best to discuss your physical overall condition with a medical professional, as well as work with a training coach that can help you develop a training regime that is set up to help you prepare for the long course of an ultramarathon.


Whether you are training for an ultramarathon, a full or half marathon, or even changing it up with a triathlon – setting a goal to participate in an event can be incredibly motivating. Running is a great way to see physical and mental benefits, to relieve stress and to enjoy the company of our running mates – but running in a race is an unbeatable experience that we would encourage every runner to try at least once.


Ultramarathons are planned all over the world, so if you enjoy travel, and love to run, it might be something to consider. Seeing and experiencing a new country while participating in any type of race can be fun, and can be an opportunity to form international friendships with people that share your passion for the sport of running.


Our team at Running On the Wall hear of people everyday that set, and reach their goals. Whether it is your first race, your 50th race or an ultramarathon – we applaud your commitment and courage. Keep running, keep racing and continue to love the sport. Put your race bib holder in a spot that you will see it often, so you can celebrate your success, and plan for more!